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This Month there are two different warmers, one for the United States celebrating the fourth of July and one for Canada celebrating Canada Day.  Each warmer is the perfect accent to your summer holiday decorations, display it proudly this holiday and whenever your heart swells with patriotic pride. For those who love to decorate in Americana style, this warmer is perfect for you! This Fourth of July show your patriotism!

Good old American pride—there’s simply nothing like it! Share your love of country with Star Spangled, a whimsical representation of our nation’s flag. This bold red, white, and blue warmer features a unique five-pointed star base and matching dish.

Share your love of country with O Canada, a dramatic representation of the Canadian flag. This bold, heritage-red warmer features a debossed maple leaf on the base, accented by a stripe of white. And don’t miss the matching peek-a-boo leaf in the dish!

The Scent for the month is Peach a la Mode, a wonderful peach ice cream scent! This Scentsy scent is sure to be one of the summer favorites! Watch the new Scentsy Video: and enjoy all those summer memories!