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As you may have read in my Scentsy Story, once I attended my first Scentsy convention, I was determined to attend ALL future Scentsy events that I could.
While learning about the business and Scentsy promotions, I began to understand Scentsy Leadership. At Scentsy, when you promote to the role of Scentsy Director, you are recognized as a leader. There are two levels about Director, Star Director and the top level, Super Star Director.

When you promote to director you are able to attend Scentsy Director Boot Camp. Out of all the events I have attended with Scentsy, this is probably my favorite events that Scentsy offers. Bootcamp is offered both in the spring and fall. It is a 3 day event. Consultants cover airfare and pay for Bootcamp which includes their hotel and a few meals.

The training is amazing, but the connections and time to talk with each other and the home office is priceless.
I encourage all Directors to attend Scentsy Bootcamp. It can be life changing.


My Scentsy Boot Camp Photo Album

Posted by Chilly Zoretic – Independent Scentsy Consultant on Friday, March 18, 2011