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Looking for Bilingual (Spanish/English) speakers to participate in an amazing opportunity! Scentsy is launching in Mexico and Spain this fall! This is a great opportunity for those in the US, Canada, Mexico and Spain that speak Spanish or have family or friends in these countries.
I am looking for leaders in the Latino or Hispanic community wanting to take control of your future. As an english only speaker I can train you and then you can train your spanish speaking team. I have bilingual team members for those who primarily speak spanish and want a spanish speaking sponsor. Please contact me and I will connect you with those leaders.

Maybe you are considering starting your own business? Once of the major benefits of working with a party plan or direct sales company is that much of the risk has been removed. When you join our company you are an independent business owner but you are not alone.
Most small businesses don’t turn a profit until 5 years into the business, with Scentsy you can earn back the cost of your Scentsy Starter Kit in one or two parties.

Scentsy Consultants needed

Scentsy is an amazing business opportunity allowing people to work at home. Having a home based business allows for flexibility and to be your own boss.

When people join Scentsy I have been told how fun the business really is. People love having their home smell good! With Scentsy, it is the safe alternative to the traditional candle. Now you can always have your home smell wonderful and help others do the same. As a Scentsy

Consultant you can share the business with others you know all over. Scentsy is currently sold in the US, Canada, UK, Ireland and Germany.
September 1st, Scentsy will launch in Mexico and Australia. October 1st Scentsy will launch in Spain, France and Poland.

Please contact me or join Scentsy today! I would love to have you as a Leaders on my team!