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scentsy bath and body products

 Scentsy Bath and Body Products are here!

Now you can Layer yourself with your favorite Scentsy Scents! Begin and end your daily routine with fragrance, layer by layer. Transform your morning shower from a necessity to something sublime. Let your personal fragrance leave a lovely trace with every movement. Layers by Scentsy lets you build a fragrance that’s yours alone, every day. Pick your favorite scents, mix and match products, and envelop your life in fragrance.

The Scentsy Layers Body Products come in 20 different scent, something for everyone in the family!


scentsy bath and body Scentsy Shower Gel

Layers by Scentsy Shower Gel is a lightly foaming gel refreshes with amazing Scentsy fragrance and comforts with vitamin B5, known to promote healthy skin.


Scentsy bath and body

Scentsy Shower Cream

Looking for a more luxurious bath experience? Turn your daily shower into a pampering experience. Emollient soybean oil enriches this luscious (and lusciously scented) cream to smooth and moisturize your skin.


scentsy fizz tablets

Scentsy Bath Tablets

If you prefer you bath over shower, try our bath tablets.

Nothing invites relaxation like immersing yourself in warm, deliciously scented water. Our Bath Tablet makes it simple: Just drop it into your bath and let it lightly fizz to release its fragrance as you soak.


layers spray for body

 Buy Scentsy Body Spray

After your shower or bath take the next step in Layers, Body Spray! Wrap yourself in a veil of fragrance with our Body Spray—a light mist adds a perfect touch of Scentsy fragrance.



Layers body lotion

Buy Scentsy Body Lotion

Enjoy one of our two moisturizing body products to continue your scent layering experience. Aloe vera and shea butter combine with other premium ingredients for a silky-smooth moisturizing experience that will wrap you in one of six enchanting Scentsy fragrances.



Scentsy body butter

Buy Scentsy Body Butter

Body Butter is a rich body cream. The perfect solution for extra-dry elbows and knees. Our super rich Body Butter contains moisturizing aloe vera and soothing shea butter for instant relief.

Our Body cream is amazing, it is one of my favorite products, one that you really do have to try to appreciate!


scentsy hand soap

Scentsy Hand Soap

Keep your favorite Scentsy fragrance on hand! Our Hand Soap suds up with scrumptious Scentsy fragrance. Clean your hands without drying them out. You will love the way your hands smell when you clean them with our Scentsy scented Hand Soap.




scentsy hand lotionScentsy Hand Cream

Packed with shea butter and aloe vera, this luscious hand cream soothes rough hands that need extra care. Carry the convenient tube in your purse, and bring Scentsy fragrance and a touch of softness with you wherever you go. The perfect size for your purse, diaper bag or bag pack. Toss in and keep your hand smooth.



fine fragrance

Scentsy Fine Fragrance Perfume

Complete your Layers experience with one of our Fine Fragrance Perfumes. Experience our most beautiful scents in fine-fragrance perfumes. Each silky-smooth Scentsy Solid Perfume adds the finishing touch to your Layers by Scentsy experience.