Scentsy Host Rewards

Host Rewards:

People often ask what do you get when you host a Scentsy party. Here are the host rewards Scentsy offers:

Your Host Rewards are based on the dollar amount of product sold at your party, excluding any sales tax or shipping charges that may apply. Even if some of your invited guests can’t make it, collect their orders before your party and count them toward your Host Rewards! Just reference the handy chart below to see exactly what you can earn.

Guest Sales (US)Guest Sales (CAD)Credit Towards Free ProductsHalf-Price Items
$200 - $349$265 - $46410%1
$350 - $499$465 - $66410%2
$500 - $999$665 - $1,32515%3
$1,000 and up$1,325 and up15%4

Perpetual Party Rewards

We love to PARTY! And want you to benefit when you encourage your friends to host a Scentsy party! When one of your party guests books his or her own Scentsy party, you’ll receive an additional half-price item when you attend their qualifying party of $200 or more.

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