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The warmer pictured has been decorated with the Happy Birthday Theme Pack

Are you looking for the perfect way to personalize your own Scentsy Warmer? Check out our NEW Custom Scentsy Warmers!

Scentsy Custom Warmers

Scentsy Custom Warmers are perfect to use if you want to design your own warmers for your business, company incentives, fundraisers or family events.

The Scentsy Design It Yourself warmers have been discontinued. You can still find some Theme Packs in the Scentsy Closeout Section of our website. You can also see all Discounted Theme Packs

Scentsy Design it Yourself!

Scentsy products have never been so much fun!  Let your personal style shine! Unleash your creativity with the DIY Scentsy Warmers and rub-on transfer DIY Theme Packs. DIY (Design It Yourself) Scentsy Warmers are the perfect backdrop for Scentsy’s coordinating rub-on transfer DIY Theme Packs. Each one is a canvas waiting for your embellishments. Easy-to apply DIY Theme Packs allow you to change the look of your warmer as often as you like.

Personalize your Scentsy Warmer for gifts, make a warmer with your anniversary date or add a birth date for a baby shower gift.

Choose a DIY Scentsy Warmer in White or Black and your favorite Theme Pack and create the perfect statement piece for your home. Purchase a white theme pack for a black warmer or a black theme pack for a white warmer. The Friends Scentsy Theme pack looks great on both! Dress up your Scentsy warmer with rub-on transfers to create a look that’s as unique as you are! Change themes with the season, or to match your mood–it’s all up to you. Be creative!

How does the Scentsy DIY Warmer Work?

Pick from one of the DIY Scentsy Warmers: white or black. Our Scentsy decals are designed to work with our warmers. By using these rub-ons you will maintain your product’s lifetime warranty.
You can use as many of the decals as you like, see how to apply Scentsy DIY below for specific instructions.
If you want to change the design, use the application tool included in your kit to remove the rub-ons.

You can change the design seasonally or your daugther or son can change to match their room decor. Have fun with the new Scentsy rub-ons that are released with new catalogs each season.

How to Apply Scentsy DIY: Scentsy Rub-On Transfer Instructions

To apply rub-ons to your Scentsy warmer:

Scentsy DIY Instruction

  1. Make sure your Scentsy warmer is clean and dry before you start.
  2. Select and cut out the design you want to use, and position the rub-on in the desired area.
  3. Hold the design down firmly and rub the design onto the warmer, working from the outer edges towards the center using the rounded end of the plastic Scentsy rub-on tool (not the flat edge).
  4. Carefully remove the backing sheet, making sure the entire design has transferred.

Oops! If you make a mistake, you can remove a rub-on from your Scentsy warmer. Use only the flat edge of the plastic Scentsy rub-on tool to remove your mistakes. Other tools may damage the surface of the warmer.

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Find out more about how Design It Yourself works…

Designing your own Scentsy Warmer can be a fun family activity.