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Scentsy Tops

Scentsy Replacement Parts for your Scentsy Warmer

Did your Scentsy light bulb go out? Do you have a broken dish on your favorite Scentsy warmer? Did you break the base of your Scentsy plug-in? Wondering if you can just order a Scentsy Lid?

Scentsy Replacement Parts allows you to order exactly the piece you need!

Replacement Light Bulbs

Replacement Light Bulbs cost $2 each. There are 3 sizes depending on your Scentsy Warmer. The Scentsy Nightlight uses a 15watt light bulb. Similar to that of a night light. The midsize warmer uses at 20 Watt light bulb and the full size Scentsy Warmer uses a 25 Watt light bulb. It is best to buy replacement lightbulbs from Scentsy so you can make sure you are using the correct Wattage for the warmer and it isn’t too high wattage. Some of the small bulbs are actually higher wattage and can cause damage to your warmer. Sometimes you might find a night-lightbulb but the wattage is too low. Please confirm your wattage by contacting me or looking at the bottom or inside of your warmer.
You should be able to find these at a specialty hardware store or you can order online.

Replacement Scentsy Lids and Scentsy Tops

Did you break your Scenty top to your Scentsy Warmer? Don’t worry, Scentsy offers replacement lids for your favorite Scentsy Warmer. Lids are $10 each and can be ordered for your warmer. You will need to know the name of the Scentsy Warmer. Newer Scentsy warmers have the name on the bottom of the warmer. If you cannot find the name please contact me and I will help you with your order.

Replacement Base for Scentsy Nightlight Plug-in

Did the base of your Scentsy nightlight become loose? You can order a replacement plug for your Scentsy Plugin.