Scentsy Warmers are hand crafted

As a Scentsy Consultant I am very proud of our products. Scentsy makes amazing products, our warmers are beautiful works of art. They start out as rocks and are transformed to Scentsy Warmers. Hand Made Warmers! Each warmer is hand made, hand painted to create the quality product we call Scentsy. At Scentsy there are so many people that participate in our design process from the concept of the warmer; deciding what colors and shape the warmer will take to the final finished product.

By owning a Scentsy warmer, you own a piece of art. By understanding how the Scentsy Warmer is made you appreciate this work of art even more. I am one of those people who really enjoys functional art, and the Scentsy Warmer is just that. Display your warmer as you would a work of art for everyone to see this hand crafted, hand made beautiful piece of art.

Through the production process some warmers have a special reactive paint. This makes each warmer unique and can create variations in the colors. The Reactive-Glaze finish creates one-of-a-kind warmers. The reactive glaze is applied to the warmer and reacts to the heat in the kiln. The result is a hand-crafted look. Each Scentsy warmer is unique and the colors will very from warmer to warmer and from what you see in our our online Scentsy catalog.

Scentsy has put together a video to show how our Scentsy Warmers are created, watch the video to gain an even greater appreciation of your unique Scentsy Warmer.