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Spa Scents by Scentsy

scentsy spa scents

Scentsy Spa

scentsy spa scentsWhen the kids are crying, the boss is calling, and you feel like you’re constantly running 10 minutes late, it’s nice to know you can get away. Scentsy’s Spa fragrances let you take a moment to relax and unwind wherever you are. Clean, sunny, or earthy notes mingle with soothing musks and sheer florals help to create your own spa environment at home or wherever you maybe. Take a moment and create the ultimate relaxation experience—even amid the chaos of the day.

Spa Scents

spa candles

Awakening Scentsy Bar

Enliven Scentsy Bar

Just Breathe Scentsy Bar

Lotus Cove Scentsy Bar

Transcendence Scentsy Bar

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