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Scentsy Warmers

Fragrance Warmers by Scentsy

The perfect way to enhance your décor and express yourself. Scentsy Warmers are the safe way to scent your home using a light bulb to melt wax or in the case of the element warmers, a warming plate. Each warmer is hand made and carries a lifetime manufacture’s warranty. Scentsy Warmers make wonderful gifts. Many styles, types and price ranges to pick from.

The larger Scentsy warmers are perfect for scenting the large spaces in your home like the family room. Element warmers are great for bedrooms since there is no light and are smaller in size. The Scentsy nightlights are best for scenting small spaces like bathrooms or half-baths.

scentsy lampshade glass warmers

Lampshade Warmers

scentsy warmers

Shadow Warmers

scentsy sihouette warmers with wraps

Silhouette Wraps


Gallery Frames


College Warmers


Premium Warmers

scentsy warmers

Deluxe Warmers

scentsy warmers without lights

Element Warmers

Scentsy nightlight warmers

Scentsy Night-lights

 Learn more about how are warmers are made. Taking simple rocks and transforming them into beautiful warmers.