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Author: Chilly Zoretic ~ Scentsy Director

Get More Scentsy this January with Double Host Rewards

Brighten your New Year with a stash of Scentsy! During the month of January, Hosts will receive Double Half-Price Host Rewards just for throwing a Scentsy party! Host in January and you’ll get Double the half-priced items on qualifying parties of $150 USD or $200 CAD.* With DOUBLE HALF PRICE it’s like getting 50% off your Scentsy products this month.   January is Double Host Rewards! Making it the perfect time to host your Scentsy party! Hosting a Scentsy party is an easy fun way to earn free and half priced products and now in January it is even better! With $150 in sales you earn 10% in free product and one 1/2 priced item. This month you will get two 1/2 priced items for $150. That is two Scentsy Products at 50% off! Even better is when you hit a $400 Scentsy Party! It’s $60 in free product and 8 half-priced items! Contact me or schedule your Scentsy Party now! You don’t have to have a Scentsy home party to enjoy these rewards! A Scentsy Catalog party or Scentsy Basket Party is the simplest way to earn your double Scentsy rewards! I provide a “Scentsy Party in a Bag“; everything you need to share Scentsy with your friends, family and co-workers. The “Scentsy Party in a Bag” contains a full-size warmer, a Scentsy Bar for demonstration purpose, a travel bag with all 80 testers mini size (think...

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Scentsy Scents of the Season Celebration

BLUE CHRISTMAS SCENTSY BAR Orange peels, cloves, fir needles and cinnamon. ST. NICKERDOODLE SCENTSY BAR Baked apples, spices and a dusting of powdered sugar. EGGNOG SCENTSY BAR Nutmeg, rum and cream — a holiday classic! WASSAIL WONDERLAND SCENTSY BAR Orange zest, lemon peel and cinnamon stick over fresh fir needles. POINSETTIA PINE SCENTSY BAR Sparkling pomegranate, tangerine, evergreens, amber and spice. Scent of the Season Bundle Buy all 5 of the Scentsy Scent of the Season limited edition scentsy bars.  ...

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Bring Back My Bar Winners have been announced! Winter 2017

After tallying millions of votes from dedicated Scentsy fans, we’ve identified our 20 winners. These “retired” fragrances have emerged from the vaults to become Scentsy Bars during Bring Back My Bar Winter 2017. And this year 5 additional bars have been added. Each January and June Scentsy releases 20 of the most popular retired Scentsy scents. Voting is 4 months prior to release. The Scents for Winter 2017 that will be returning have been announced. You cannot purchase these bars until January 1st, 2017. Until then, read all about them and send me your wish list! Autumn Stroll Bananaram Black Ruby Cashmere Cherry Almond Pie Cherry Vanilla Coffee Tree French Kiss Gingersnap Grape Granita Hemingway Huckleberry Sage Inner Peace Lavender Vanilla My Home (Home Sweet Home) Ocean Vanilla Walnut Watermelon Patch Wild Black Cherry Zen Garden You can still save big on bring back my bar with the Scentsy Multi-packs. Scentsy 3-Pack: 3 Scentsy Bars of your choice $14 $1 savings Scentsy 6-Pack: Buy 5 Scentsy Bars, get 1 FREE $25 $5 saving Beginning Dec. 20, 2016, Scentsy Consultants can get a bundle of all 20 Bring Back My Bar fragrances for $85 ($15 savings) or a set of Mini Testers for $12. And since no campaign is complete without posters, a promotional flier listing all 20 fragrances will be available to download  from your Workstation, or you can purchase...

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2016 Spring Summer Discontinued Scentsy Scents

It is that time again, a change of the Scentsy Catalog! Each catalog season new items are added and others are removed to make room for our new products and scents. With the change of seasons comes the fall and winter scents that will be available September 2016 to February 2017. The Scentsy Fall scents are amazing and smell fabulous! But I know that some of you like to hold on to your favorite Scentsy scents. REMEMBER to stock using the Scentsy 6-packs, buy 5 bars and get 1 free. This month it’s 10% off so you can really stock up! Save using Scentsy Multi-pack! The following scents will no longer be in the Scentsy Catalog come this Fall. If you see your favorite make sure to stock up because it might not come back in the spring! Retiring Scentsy Scents: Adored Amazon Rain Aussie Plum Bamboo Yuzu Beach Berry Bubble Blue Blackberry Meringue Blond Wood & Moonflower Bora Bora Blossom Braeburn Brazilian Grapes Cactus Flower Lime Candy Dandy Citrus Pop Coconut Flower Cotton Candy Cookie Fresh Cut Daisies Give Me Passionflower Go Wild(flowers) Havana Cabana Jumpin’ Jelly Bean Kahiko Hula Lemon Verbena Lilacs & Violets Love You Berry Much Lucky in Love Lush Gardenia Mountain Sky My Only Sunshine Mystic Magnolia Paradise Punch Piedmont Pineapple Sorbet Pink Haze Raspberry Bush Sea Salt Mist Sea, Sun & Fun Seashore Sedona Sunset Shaka...

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Make Dad’s day with a Scentsy Warmer Bundle or Groom products!

Father’s Day Gift Ideas Scentsy Makes the Perfect Gift! Looking for a Father’s Day gifts idea? Can’t find a great present for Dad? Why not give him Scentsy this father’s Day! A Scentsy warmer is perfect for his office at home or at work. It is a unique gift idea that he will enjoy year round. He’s the king of the Q. The grill master. The charbroiling champ. He takes the art of barbecue to a whole new level. This Father’s Day, celebrate all that Dad brings to the backyard with something that truly speaks to him. The Father’s Day...

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