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It’s that time again! The annual announcement of Scentsy’s ScentTrend. I am so excited about ScentTrend 2013, Violet Leaf! This is a lighter scent than last years’ Pink Pepper. It is a fresh, soothing and calming scent. I have already been enjoying mixing Violet Leaf with the new Posy Peach, what a treat! It is a single note that can be used along but even better when mixed with some of your current Scentsy scents and some now ones.

Wondering what to mix with Violet Leaf? Try some of these Scentsy Scents:

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Scentsy Press Release

Published Thursday, January 03, 2013

Scentsy Names ScenTrend™ 2013

Meridian, Idaho (January 3, 2013) – Scentsy Fragrance, a growing international leader in fragrance, today announced Violet Leaf as the ScenTrend™ for 2013. Based on trend analysis by fragrance experts at Scentsy and prominent international fragrance houses, the ScenTrend designation identifies the up-and-coming fragrance note which consumers will find in home as well as fine fragrances.

The earthy and herbaceous Violet Leaf fragrance note is extracted from the heart-shaped leaves of the violet plant. Unlike the fragrance of a violet flower which is sweet and powdery, Violet Leaf exudes an organic, green fragrance with a subtle floral undertone and watery accents of melon and cucumber. This fragrance is gentle on the senses, providing tranquil moments of respite and calm.

“In our fast-paced society, people yearn for simple, disconnected moments,” said Heidi Thompson, President of Scentsy, Inc. “Violet Leaf’s pure expression of nature is the perfect backdrop to unwind and decompress in today’s increasingly connected, digital world.”

Tom Pastre, President of Creatique, a fragrance industry consulting firm, said naming Violet Leaf as ScenTrend 2013 shows Scentsy’s continued commitment to uncovering on-trend perfumery notes. “Violet Leaf is modern, a fresh and soothing representation of nature that is innately appealing,” Pastre said. “Uplifting, cool, green, yet warm, earth-born, calming—even a bit mesmerizing. Violet Leaf takes you to a different place, far away from the challenges we face every day.”

For fragrance lovers excited to experience Violet Leaf, Scentsy’s February 2013 Scent of the Month, Posy Peach, is a fuzzy ripe peach balanced by green, tender tendrils of violet leaf in a fragrance that hints at lazy sunny days. Scentsy’s Spring/Summer 2013 Catalog highlights fragrances containing Violet Leaf, and, for those interested in designing their own signature scents with ScenTrend 2013, Violet Leaf will be available as a stand-alone Scentsy Bar—ideal for mixing.

Scentsy developed its expertise in identifying and defining fragrance trends through detailed analysis and evaluation of hundreds of fragrance notes, raw materials and finished scents. The company’s high-quality fragrances have received an overwhelmingly positive response from consumers since Scentsy’s start in 2004.


About ScenTrend

ScenTrend is a registered trademark of Scentsy, Inc. Selected by a team of experts from Scentsy Fragrance and leading international fragrance houses, ScenTrend is an annual designation of the most trendsetting fragrance note in the industry. Scentsy’s home and personal fragrances are renowned for their superior scent quality.

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