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Would you like to smell Sugar Cookies? Do you like Candles?

Then you have to try Scentsy!
A wickless, flameless candle.

Scentsy is a unique candle system that melts wax with a light bulb instead of a flame. Specially formulated wax is melted to release amazing aromas that will keep your home and office smelling wonderful. It is the safe alternative to traditional wicked/flame candles. If you like candles you are going to love Scentsy. Keep your candle going all the time without the worry of a flame.

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Get more Scentsy!

Scentsy multi-packs allow you to combine scentsy products and save.

New to Scentsy? Start with the either the Full-Size System or Companion System.

Love your Scentsy scent? Need wax refills? Take advantage of buy five and get one free!

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Scentsy products make the perfect gift for everyone:

Mom: She loves candles, why not get her something safe and beautiful? Once she has the warmer, then purchase Scentsy scent refills for each season. Seasonal warmers are also available and are great to use as your holiday decorations.

Dad: A great masculine addition to the office, select from golf, outdoors or other more masculine warmers. The mid-size warmer is ideal for the office.

Grad: a perfect gift for those going off to school, they can take the Scentsy warmer with them in the dorm! Scentsy Campus Collection is constantly growing and we already have many of the favorite schools.

Grandparents: Scentsy is perfect in high-rise and retirement communities.

Kids will love the Scentsy Buddies, scented stuffed animals they can adopt and scent with their favorite scent paks.

Baby: decorate the baby’s room with one of the nursery collection warmers.

Wedding: Commemorate that special day with a one of a kind Design it Yourself warmer. Select a memory scent and personalize with your wedding date.

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