One Company, Multiple Brands

Scentsy Family is revolutionizing the direct selling industry with a completely new business model. Currently there are two distinct brands. Scentsy Fragrance is what most people think of when they hear Scentsy. It is our wickless candles, home and personal fragrance products.
Velata launched in May 2012 as a fun entertaining brand. Currently the Velata brand offers fun fondue with premium chocolates and cheeses.
Grace Adele launched in August 2012 with functional fashion and accessories. Grace Adele closed July 2014.
Scentsy Family Consultants have the opportunity to participate in multiple Scentsy Family brands, selling different lines of product, all while building a single, thriving team.
Here’s how it works:

As a Scentsy Family Consultant, you have a several options to Enroll:

  1. Scentsy Fragrance – Enroll in Scentsy Fragrance to sell our decorative warmers, fragrant wax, and home and personal fragrance products.
  2. Velata – Enroll in Velata to sell decorative fondue warmers, gourmet chocolate, cheese and accessories.
  3. Enroll in one brand, six months later enroll in second.
  4. Enroll in one brand build a downline in both.

Do you love Scentsy? Why not sell it?Sell Scentsy

When I joined Scentsy it was to get a discount on the products I was so passionate about. I figured I consumed enough products to meet the three month minimum. All my friends, family and co-workers started asking so it just made “scents” I started to sell! Now with all three brands I am passionate about the opportunity Scentsy Family offers.

I always suggest to carefully pick your Scentsy Sponsor, once you join, it is against policy to change sponsors. You want to pick a Scentsy Sponsor that will support you and understands your goals. Learn more about my Scentsy Story.

How much do you have to Sell in Scentsy?

You will need to sell at least $150 every three months to stay active as a Scentsy consultant. This is not on a calendar month period but instead three months from your last $150 month. This is also not cumulative, it is 150 in a month every three months. This is a simple requirement if you are using your own products and are your best customer. Just let your friends and family know that you are placing an order and you can meet this requirement to be a Scentsy Consultant.
If you are looking for a discount, Hosting a Scentsy Party is a great way to get products free and half price!
The new policy is to sell $150 in each brand you represent.

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