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I am often asked about the details of joining Scentsy. First I want to congratulate you on considering starting your own Scentsy Business. It has been one of the BEST decisions I have ever made! I also think it is super important to interview Scentsy constants prior to joining their team. Once you join Scentsy you cannot change your sponsor. Although Scentsy Corporate offers great information and you can be very successful on your own, it really does help having a Scentsy Sponsor to support you.
I like to say you are in business for yourself but not by yourself and that I why I think your Scentsy Sponsor is important!

For more information on me and my Scentsy Team , check out Join My Team.

So here are some questions I often get asked about when people are considering joining Scentsy and joining my Scentsy team. Please contact me so we can discuss your specific situation and how I can support you on this Scentsy Journey!

Questions about Joining Scentsy and Selling Scentsy

What Do You Get When You Join Scentsy

When you Join Scentsy you will pay a fee of $99 (US) and receive the Scentsy Starter Kit as well as three months of your website (after that it is $10 per month).
Here are the complete details of what is included in the Scentsy Starter Kit

Scentsy Sales Quotas or Scentsy Sales Requirements

At Scentsy we don’t have monthly sales requirements, however as a Scentsy Consultant you need to sell $150 every three months. This is a revolving schedule and not on a specific calendar. So it is based on the last time you entered $150. This is NOT cumulative. You will need $150 all in one month, but not necessarily in one order.
Let’s look at an example: You order in February $150 (three orders of $50) then you don’t need to order again until May.

Other Cost Associated with Being a Scentsy Consultant

I always say everything you need to get started as a Scentsy consultant is in your Scentsy Starter Kit. You can purchase more items and depending on how you plan to work your business you might want to. One way many consultants share Scentsy is via Basket or Catalog parties, to do this you will need to purchase a set of Mini-Testers. They cost $25 and contain all the small version of the testers from your starter kit.

Twice a year, March and September, the Scentsy catalog changes. The month before this transition is a Scentsy sale. The Scentsy business supplies including catalogs and new tester sets are available at a discount. The current price of a set of Scentsy catalogs is $10 for 25 catalogs. The price for the transition testers is $25. Again, these prices are usually discounted during a transition month (February and August) to allow consultants a discount to purchase and be ready for the new season.
If you join during a “transition month” (February or August) the Scentsy Starter Kit will usually have both the fall/winter and spring/summer testers and catalogs for the kit only that month.

If you want your own Scentsy Website to be able to sell Scentsy online, you will need to pay the $10 monthly fee (your first three months of your website are included in your enrollment). There is a fee if you want to sell Scentsy in Canada or Mexico and additional fees if you want to sponsor consultants in the UK, Ireland, Germany or Australia.

How Do I Sell Scentsy?

Scentsy Fragrance Products are AMAZING! We have a high quality product that our customers LOVE! Selling Scentsy is simple, keep it simple! I don’t say it is easy because I think you do have to go out and offer and sell our products. You have to let people know you sell Scentsy so they can purchase from you.
There are lots of ways to sell. There are also multiple ways to have a  Scentsy PartyFor those that are super busy, a Scentsy Basket Party is a great option. Some consultants sell Scentsy at home shows are large outdoor markets or events. All Scentsy consultants that subscribe to the Personal Web Site (PWS) will be able to sell Scentsy online. Customers can purchase directly from you on your own Scentsy website.
We can talk about your specific needs and the best way to reach your goals. I will help you make a plan and then determine the best way for you to sell.

How Much Money Will I Make Selling Scentsy?

The GREATEST thing about the direct sales business and Selling Scentsy is that you are 100% in charge of your paycheck! You can make as much money as you want with Scentsy depending on how much you plan to put into this business.  Scentsy has a detailed compensation plan, which can explain in detail on a phone cal. However the simple version (and the best for the new consultants), with Scentsy, you will earn 20% on the products you sell. Once you have sold 1,000 personal retail, you will earn 25%. If in any month you sell more than 2,000 personal retail you will earn 30%.
If you take an average party of $300 as a new consultant you would earn $60. If you were to have 4 parties in your first month you would earn $300.
It is easy to see how your efforts could make what you are trying to earn.

Why Join My Scentsy Team?

As I have stated before, I think it is important to carefully pick your Scentsy Sponsor. People often ask me about my team and my leadership. I LOVE Scentsy and have since the moment I found it. I want to support you in your journey but I also realize not everyone has the same goals with their Scentsy business. I am passionate about learning and leading and I LOVE Leadership. Learn more about me and my Scentsy journey: Join My Scentsy Team
Over the years I have tried a lot of different things in terms of Scentsy Team Leadership and I am always looking for ways to improve.
I help those who want the help. We have a private Scentsy Team Facebook page, a Scentsy Team Website, Monthly Newsletters, Team Challenges and I use YouTube to share my thoughts and training. We have local meetings as well as Team conference calls. I use text messages and Facebook as my primary communication methods to communicate with the team on a daily basis.
To support you in your Scentsy Business we schedule 1×1 times to talk (or Skype/video call) for your specific training plan or topics you would like to discuss.
I do not call each person on the team every day asking about Sales. I reach out to make sure people know what is going on but I don’t contact those who don’t want to be contacted.

Scentsy Shipping Charges

There are several ways a Consultant can order Scentsy and several ways your customers can order.
Here are the Online Scentsy Shipping Charges that your customers would pay if they were shopping on your Scentsy Website.

As a Scentsy consultant you will use your Scentsy Workstation (or your back office) to manage your Scentsy business and place your orders (as well as your party and customer orders). All Scentsy Parties will receive free shipping (orders of $150 or more).
When Scentsy consultants place orders through the workstation, they will pay $5 shipping up to $50, then 10% after that. This saves a little more than the Online Shipping Rates.

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