Buy One Scentsy Buddy Get One Scentsy Buddy Free

Through the end of the year, whenever you buy one select Scentsy Buddy, you get a second select Buddy free. There’s never been a better time to stock up on these adorable fuzzy friends! From soft and sensitive Lenny the Lamb to animated and adventurous Mollie the Monkey, each Buddy has a charm all its own. Shop the Scentsy Buddy family to find your favorites, and then share them with the precious little ones in your life whenever you need a sweet (and sweetly scented) gift!

There’s no better surprise than spying a Scentsy Buddy under the Christmas tree — and this year, Scentsy Fragrance is here to help you make gift-giving double the fun! Make sure to take advantage of this special now while supplies last.

It’s a Buddy Holiday!

Starting at noon MT Wednesday, Sept. 26, through Dec. 31, 2012, buy one of our selected Buddies and receive a second Buddy for FREE!

Choose any two of these popular Buddies:

  • Lenny the Lamb
  • Penny the Pig
  • Roarbert the Lion
  • Ribbert the Frog
  • Ollie the Elephant
  • Mollie the Monkey
  • Patch the Dog
  • Scratch the Cat
  • Barnabus the Bear
  • Wellington the Duck

Then, bring your new Scentsy Buddies to life with two Scent Paks — one for each of your new friends. Scentsy will choose the second Scent Pak for you so they can manage inventory and not create a backorder situation with the Scent Paks.
Scent Pak #1: Choose any Scent Pak fragrance in the Scentsy Fragrance Fall/Winter 2012 Catalog!
Scent Pak #2: We’ll choose a second Scent Pak for you!
List of Scentsy Scent Pak Scents

Don’t wait to stock up on your Scentsy Buddy gifts! A set number of Buddies will be offered during this promotion. When we reach the selling limit on a Buddy, that Buddy will be removed from the promotion. Any Buddy pulled from the promotion will be available at full price through the Fall/Winter 2012 Catalog season.

These 10 Scentsy Buddies will be gone for good after Feb. 28, 2013!*
*Offer does not apply to Pooki the Polar Bear or Baby Buddies.

The Buddy Holiday promotion cannot be purchased using Host Half-Price Rewards.

Get your Scentsy Snuggly Buddy & a Second Buddy FREE!


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