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scentsy panda buddy

What’s black and white and totally adorable? Shu Shu the Panda! Our latest Limited Edition Scentsy Buddy is here all the way from the bamboo forest and can’t wait to cuddle!
As one of the world’s most adored and protected animals, this playful panda is only available for a limited time.

A baby Panda has to eat,
How else can Pandas grow?
He has to stand upon his feet,
To go where he must go!
He has to blossom like a rose
That rises to the sun
And that’s the answer, Heaven knows,
Why chewing must be done…

But left alone to chew, chew, chew,
The growing Panda swells!
His belly bulges into view,
As he does nothing else…
As if there’s reason to make haste
While he looks mighty glad,
No exercise to trim his waist,
He looks just like his Dad!

But Giant Panda, must you stay
As plumped up as you are?
It’s for your sake, I dare to say,
Look out! You’ve gone too far!
You used to be quite thin and flat!
Why make each day a feast?
Go on a diet! Lose that fat!
Lose thirty pounds at least!

Denis Martindale, copyright, September 2014.

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