Today I received my Scentsy Warmer and Scentsy Scent of the Month! I always look forward to it! I must admit, some months have been much better than others, but the style is always beautiful and becomes someone’s favorite.
Each month Scentsy creates a special warmer for the season and is sold that month at a 10% discount.
For the month of February, the Scentsy Warmer is the Celtic Love Knot in honor of St. Patrick’s day. I think this is probably one of my favorites, if not my favorite Scentsy Warmer! There are so many beautiful warmers, it is hard to pick just one as your favorite. But this month, I have to say WAY TO GO SCENTSY! I love this warmer!
As described by Scentsy: The embossed and distressed Celtic Knot pops on the emerald green background, accented by Irish cable details around the warmer dish.
The Celts of ancient Ireland created intricate knots with no beginning and no end to represent all things eternal.
In looking at the warmer it resembles a rustic chalice, a real antique. It has the appearance of rust with cracked paint. The color green reminds me of my winter trip to Ireland. I was surprised to find everything so green in the middle of winter – it is a green like no other…and Scentsy has captured it!
The Scentsy Scent of the month is “Shades of Green”. I think this is going to be one of my favorites this spring! It is a clean crisp scent. I think it has a hint of lime in it. If you were a fan of Spring Clean (I was!!!) then I think this is a scent you will enjoy as well.
The Scentsy Celtic Love Knot Warmer and Shades of Green scent are available to purchase February 1st.