Unique Gift Ideas

From birthdays to Christmas to all of the gift-giving occasions in between, it can be challenging to come up with new and thoughtful presents for the ones you love.

Scentsy makes the perfect gift! If you are having trouble picking the perfect warmer and scent, you can order a Scentsy Gift Certificate! Purchase a Scentsy Gift Certificate online, it will be just what they wanted!. A Scentsy gift box is perfect for to box the bars for your gift, it also makes wrapping the Scentsy bars easier!

Boxes come in 3 Bar Box and 6 Bar Box

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Scentsy has over 80 different and unique scents as well as 40 different warmers for everyone’s decor. Each month there is a new scent and warmer introduced so you can get that special someone a unique gift. Scentsy Scents are changed twice a year with our catalog. Each March the spring/summer new scents are introduced and then the Fall/Winter scents are introduced in September. The Fall collection will have all the Christmas Scents that make wonderful smelling gifts! Along with our Christmas Warmers, they really are works of art!

If you need additional gift ideas, Scentsy has additional product that complement our Scentsy Warmers and Scentsy Wax, such as our Fragrance On the Go Line. There is something for everyone including the Scentsy Buddies for the little ones.

The warmer of the month is a new warmer introduced each month and sold at at 10% discount for that month. Our warmers follow the seasons so the month before holidays you can be sure there will be a warmer to go along with the theme or holiday.

During the summer months many people travel to visit family and friends. Scentsy is the perfect Thank you gift for their hospitality. Let me help you select the perfect Scentsy Warmer and Scentsy Scent to say thank you.
You can personalize the warmer with our Design It Yourself Warmer (DIY) collection. These rub-on transfer packs each have 3 different sheets for you to create a uniquely designed warmer making a great gift. Make a special wedding gift or baby shower warmer including the celebration date.

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