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Scentsy Fragrance ~ July 2017

Pristine Waters is the New Scentsy Scent of the Month for July

Pristine Waters SCENTSY BAR

Drift easy over fresh bergamot zest, beach grass and vetiver.

I LOVE this clean, fresh scent. It is beach-y and perfect for the summer. Pristine Waters has been warming in my house all month!


Scentsy Scent of the Month for July: Pristine Waters

No clue what the scent would smell like in your home? I can send you a small sample or sticker to smell and see if this is a scent you might like. Contact me: Chilly Z

Try the new Scentsy Scent: Pristine Waters Scentsy Bar and see where it takes you!

Contact me for a free Scentsy scent sample or purchase a Scentsy bar for yourself.

Buy Scentsy Scent ~ Pristine Waters

Each month Scentsy releases a new scent as the Scent of the month. During that month the scent is on sale for 10% off. These scents are available during the entire catalog season but you will not find them in the catalog. You can always purchase Scentsy online or contact me for a sample of the Scent of the month and the flyer to show all Scentsy Scent and Scentsy Warmers of the Month.

If you want to keep up with the newest Scentsy scents, contact me about my special Scentsy Scent of the Month club for my preferred customers. Each month I will send you a sample of the scent of the month for you to try and see if you like it. During that month you can order that bar at 10% off!

Also available in:

Scent Circle


 Room Spray

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Get More Scentsy this January with Double Host Rewards

scentsy double host rewards

Brighten your New Year with a stash of Scentsy! During the month of January, Hosts will receive Double Half-Price Host Rewards just for throwing a Scentsy party! Host in January and you’ll get Double the half-priced items on qualifying parties of $150 USD or $200 CAD.* With DOUBLE HALF PRICE it’s like getting 50% off your Scentsy products this month.


January is Double Host Rewards! Making it the perfect time to host your Scentsy party!

Hosting a Scentsy party is an easy fun way to earn free and half priced products and now in January it is even better! With $150 in sales you earn 10% in free product and one 1/2 priced item. This month you will get two 1/2 priced items for $150. That is two Scentsy Products at 50% off! Even better is when you hit a $400 Scentsy Party! It’s $60 in free product and 8 half-priced items!

Contact me or schedule your Scentsy Party now!

You don’t have to have a Scentsy home party to enjoy these rewards!
Scentsy Catalog party or Scentsy Basket Party is the simplest way to earn your double Scentsy rewards! I provide a “Scentsy Party in a Bag“; everything you need to share Scentsy with your friends, family and co-workers.

The “Scentsy Party in a Bag” contains a full-size warmer, a Scentsy Bar for demonstration purpose, a travel bag with all 80 testers mini size (think size of a lip gloss pot), catalogs, order forms, and Frequently Asked Questions to help you with your party.
I am only an email or phone call away if needed!

Take the Scentsy Warmer and scent into your office and let co-workers enjoy a wonderful scent during their work day. You could put the warmer in a break room for others to enjoy and purchase on their breaks.
There are many ways to have a successful Scentsy catalog party. I will schedule time to discuss the details and ideas prior to the party start date. The Scentsy Party is usually opened one to two weeks for you to collect as many orders as you can to earn the most host rewards!
The Scentsy Party in a Bag can be shipped at no cost to you anywhere in the US and Canada.

Book your Scentsy party now!



Scentsy Scents of the Season Celebration


Orange peels, cloves, fir needles and cinnamon.


Baked apples, spices and a dusting of powdered sugar.


Nutmeg, rum and cream — a holiday classic!


Orange zest, lemon peel and cinnamon stick over fresh fir needles.


Sparkling pomegranate, tangerine, evergreens, amber and spice.

Scent of the Season Bundle

Buy all 5 of the Scentsy Scent of the Season limited edition scentsy bars.



Bring Back My Bar Winners have been announced! Winter 2017

bring back my bar

After tallying millions of votes from dedicated Scentsy fans, we’ve identified our 20 winners. These “retired” fragrances have emerged from the vaults to become Scentsy Bars during Bring Back My Bar Winter 2017. And this year 5 additional bars have been added.

Each January and June Scentsy releases 20 of the most popular retired Scentsy scents. Voting is 4 months prior to release. The Scents for Winter 2017 that will be returning have been announced. You cannot purchase these bars until January 1st, 2017. Until then, read all about them and send me your wish list!

buy scentsy wax

  • Autumn Stroll
  • Bananaram
  • Black Ruby
  • Cashmere
  • Cherry Almond Pie
  • Cherry Vanilla
  • Coffee Tree
  • French Kiss
  • Gingersnap
  • Grape Granita
  • Hemingway
  • Huckleberry Sage
  • Inner Peace
  • Lavender Vanilla
  • My Home (Home Sweet Home)
  • Ocean
  • Vanilla Walnut
  • Watermelon Patch
  • Wild Black Cherry
  • Zen Garden

You can still save big on bring back my bar with the Scentsy Multi-packs.

Scentsy 3-Pack: 3 Scentsy Bars of your choice $14
$1 savings

Scentsy 6-Pack: Buy 5 Scentsy Bars, get 1 FREE $25
$5 saving

Beginning Dec. 20, 2016, Scentsy Consultants can get a bundle of all 20 Bring Back My Bar fragrances for $85 ($15 savings) or a set of Mini Testers for $12. And since no campaign is complete without posters, a promotional flier listing all 20 fragrances will be available to download  from your Workstation, or you can purchase printed fliers from the Scentsy Family Store starting Dec. 20, 2016.

All 20 fragrances will be available for purchase starting Jan. 1, 2017. Each Bring Back My Bar is $5, or choose from the options below and save:

  • 3 Scentsy Bars: $14 ($1 savings)
  • 6 Scentsy Bars: $25 (Buy 5, get 1 free)
  • All 20 fragrances: $85 ($15 savings); available Dec. 20, 2016, for Consultants only through the Workstation! Customers may purchase this bundle beginning Jan. 1, 2017.

Bring Back My Bar fragrances are available Jan. 1-31, 2017, only. So stock up while you can!


2016 Spring Summer Discontinued Scentsy Scents

scentsy barsIt is that time again, a change of the Scentsy Catalog! Each catalog season new items are added and others are removed to make room for our new products and scents. With the change of seasons comes the fall and winter scents that will be available September 2016 to February 2017.
The Scentsy Fall scents are amazing and smell fabulous! But I know that some of you like to hold on to your favorite Scentsy scents.

REMEMBER to stock using the Scentsy 6-packs, buy 5 bars and get 1 free. This month it’s 10% off so you can really stock up! Save using Scentsy Multi-pack!

The following scents will no longer be in the Scentsy Catalog come this Fall. If you see your favorite make sure to stock up because it might not come back in the spring!

Retiring Scentsy Scents:

Scentsy Essential Oils


Scentsy Skin and Scentsy Groom


scentsy bag pack clipScentsy Kids

Download the Complete List of Discontinued Scentsy Items:



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Make Dad’s day with a Scentsy Warmer Bundle or Groom products!

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Scentsy Makes the Perfect Gift!

Looking for a Father’s Day gifts idea? Can’t find a great present for Dad? Why not give him Scentsy this father’s Day! A Scentsy warmer is perfect for his office at home or at work. It is a unique gift idea that he will enjoy year round.

Backyard-BBQ-NewsTabHe’s the king of the Q. The grill master. The charbroiling champ. He takes the art of barbecue to a whole new level. This Father’s Day, celebrate all that Dad brings to the backyard with something that truly speaks to him.

The Father’s Day Warmer Bundle includes a Backyard BBQ Warmer and three Scentsy Bars (one of each) in Bonfire Beach, Dark Harbor and Mystery Man for just $50 (USD) — which means you’re getting the three Scentsy Bars for FREE!

The Father’s Day Warmer Bundle will be available starting Monday, May 16, only while supplies last — so no procrastinating!




Barbecue isn’t your dad’s thing? No worries. Keep Dad looking sharp and smelling great with our Groom products for men. Try the Shampoo, Shave and Shower Bar; Cream Shave Soap; Refreshing Face Balm or Nourishing Skin Conditioner — all available in five exclusive fragrances. Effortless. Clean. Cool.

Dad’s the man. Remind him.




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What is New with Scentsy for May?

WOW! May is a very exciting month with Scentsy!

Social-Pacific-Daydream-scentsy scent


The scent for this month, is Pacific Daydream, and it is one you really are going to want to try! Beachy lime, pineapple and sweet candy sugar are sprinkled with fresh Hawaiian sea salt for a scent straight from the shoreline. Make your ocean escape, even if it’s just daydreaming.



Explore Indigo by Scentsy

This month, for the first time, Scentsy has launch a new product! Indigo. Indigo is a new sensory experience. Indigo comes with 6 new boutique scents. These are different than anything Scentsy has done before. These 6 specially crafted fragrances were inspired by the color indigo.

And, to launch this new product, Scentsy is giving away a parlor warmer and all 6 of the new Indigo scents. You can register to WIN by May 8th

Learn more about Indigo:
scentsy new indigo scents


scentsy backyard bbq warmer


Just in time for Father’s Day – There is a new Scentsy warmer! It a GRILL! Perfect for that “griller” in your life.

For this Father’s Day, Scentsy has created a great bundle just for dad. Backyard BBQ warmer and three bars.

buy scentsy






scentsy poodle buddyLook what cute buddy dropped in! Meet Pari the Poodle Scentsy Buddy

Isn’t she too cute!?!? All Scentsy Buddies come with your choice of Scent packs. Just add a new scent when the old one no longer smells!










As you may know, each month Scentsy releases a new Scent and Warmer. This month is the Road Less Traveled, the perfect warmer for those outdoor and RV enthusiast.

Take a trip with this adorable new Scentsy warmer.

Road Less Traveled was a hugely successful warmer and exceeded our expectations. This warmer is on Backorder, but you can still order it. You will need to contact me to order.



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Scentsy Convention

Scentsy Family Reunion


More details about Scentsy Convention:

Meet Shu Shu the Panda

scentsy panda bear buddy
buy scentsy

scentsy panda buddy

What’s black and white and totally adorable? Shu Shu the Panda! Our latest Limited Edition Scentsy Buddy is here all the way from the bamboo forest and can’t wait to cuddle!
As one of the world’s most adored and protected animals, this playful panda is only available for a limited time.

A baby Panda has to eat,
How else can Pandas grow?
He has to stand upon his feet,
To go where he must go!
He has to blossom like a rose
That rises to the sun
And that’s the answer, Heaven knows,
Why chewing must be done…

But left alone to chew, chew, chew,
The growing Panda swells!
His belly bulges into view,
As he does nothing else…
As if there’s reason to make haste
While he looks mighty glad,
No exercise to trim his waist,
He looks just like his Dad!

But Giant Panda, must you stay
As plumped up as you are?
It’s for your sake, I dare to say,
Look out! You’ve gone too far!
You used to be quite thin and flat!
Why make each day a feast?
Go on a diet! Lose that fat!
Lose thirty pounds at least!

Denis Martindale, copyright, September 2014.

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Join Scentsy for $49 for the Month of March

scentsy starter kit saleA discounted Scentsy Starter Kit is being offered for a limited time.

Have you been thinking about becoming a Scentsy consultant? Now is the time! For the month of March, Scentsy is offering a discounted starter kit; the Essential Starter Kit. For only $49 you can join Scentsy! March is also a GREAT month to join Scentsy because we just launched our NEW Scentsy Catalog for the Spring/Summer. Join this month to start your business on the fast track.

sell scentsy
It’s an amazing time to join Scentsy! So we’re offering a special Essential Starter Kit in the U.S. and Canada for the entire month of March 2016. The limited-time Starter Kit includes just the essentials to get a new Scentsy Consultant started for just $49 (USD)/$59 (CAD). The Scentsy starter kit half-off! That is right! Half-priced Scentsy Starter Kit. This Scentsy join special is only around for the month of March so join now to take advantage of this join special! Contact me to learn more about joining Scentsy.
sell scentsy
The Limited-time Discounted Scentsy Starter Kit includes: Scentsy Mini Tester Set
  • 1 Scentsy Warmer
  • 1 Scentsy Bar
  • 1 Pack of Order Forms
  • 1 Pack of Print Your Own Labels
  • 1 Set of Spring/Summer 2016 Mini Testers (all 80 fragrances)
  • 1 Pack of Party Invitations
  • 1 Consultant Guide
  • 1 Quick-Start Guide
  • 1 Pack of Catalogs
  • 1 Pack of Product Lists
  • 1 Pack of Category Cards
  • 1 Pack of Showcase Brochures
sell scentsy

This is a great opportunity to join Scentsy at a discount! The Escential Starter kit is a great tool for those busy people wanting to sell Scentsy on the go. The Scentsy mini-testers are perfect for catalog parties or Scentsy book parties. Think of the mini testers as your employees. It is perfect to get going NOW with Scentsy Fragrance. Learn more about me and my Scentsy Team.

join my scentsy team

Of course, the full Scentsy Starter Kit for $99 (USD)/$119 (CAD) is also available during March. This complete Scentsy Starter Kit contains everything in the Escential Starter Kit, plus additional demonstration products. You choose which Scentsy Starter Kit you prefer during the enrollment process.
sell scentsy

Join Us! Invest in YOU!

I want to share an amazing gift with you: the chance to reimagine your future with an industry-leading, family-friendly business opportunity. The chance to take control of your future! This is an investment in yourself.

Be part of something BIG!

Your family, your community, a need. We want to help you support the people and causes you love. Each season, Scentsy Consultants submit ideas for a new Cause Product and a charitable organization to support. What matters to you? Let Scentsy help you give back.


You are the BOSS! Be an Entrepreneur

When you join Scentsy, you launch your very own business. That means you’re the boss! Choose your hours, earn commissions up to 36 percent and all-expenses paid trips to incredible destinations (Hawaii! Greece! New York City!), and enliven your world with amazing products.*

sell scentsy

*Consultants earn 20 percent on the first 1,000 points in Personal Retail Volume (PRV) and 25 percent on all sales after that, plus up to 9 percent bonus on Personal Wholesale Volume based on rank and a 5 percent bonus when monthly sales exceed 2,000 points in PRV. They may also earn leadership bonuses based on downline sales. Qualification for incentive trips is determined annually. For a detailed look at Scentsy’s compensation plan, go to Scentsy Compensation plan

Frequently Asked Questions About Joining Scentsy

[xa_acc style=”xa-default” ][xa_slide title=”How Much Does it Cost to Join Scentsy?” openclose=”” icon=”Select Icon—“]The normal Scentsy Starter kit is $99. However for the month of March, Scentsy is offering a discounted starter it for $49. It includes everything you need to get started strong with Scentsy.[/xa_slide][xa_slide title=”Can I join Scentsy for Free?” openclose=”” icon=”Select Icon—“]As part of the Direct Selling Association, Scentsy and other direct selling companies need to charge to start a business. Your purchase pays for a Scentsy Starter kit with products well over the cost. For the month of March you can get started for less! Just $49 to join in March.[/xa_slide][xa_slide title=”What is included in the Discounted Scentsy Starter Kit?” openclose=”” icon=”Select Icon—“]1 Scentsy Warmer 1 Scentsy Bar 1 Pack of Order Forms 1 Pack of Print Your Own Labels 1 Set of Spring/Summer 2015 Mini Testers (all 80 fragrances) 1 Pack of Party Invitations 1 Consultant Guide 1 Quick-Start Guide 1 Pack of Catalogs 1 Pack of Product Lists 1 Pack of Category Cards 1 Pack of Showcase Brochures[/xa_slide][xa_slide title=”Can I still Join Scentsy and get the Larger Starter Kit?” openclose=”” icon=”Select Icon—“]Yes! For the month of March you have a choice of Starter kits! The Complete Scentsy Starter Kit: or the $49 discounted kit.[/xa_slide][xa_slide title=”How do I become a Scentsy Consultant?” openclose=”” icon=”Select Icon—“]You enroll online to become a Scentsy consultant. You will purchase either the discounted Scentsy Starter kit or the complete starter kit. The entire enrollment process is online. You select your sponsor, I would love to have you join our team! And enroll on this website. Click the join now button or go to Select your country and continue with the enrollment process.[/xa_slide][xa_slide title=”How much do I need to sell to stay active with Scentsy?” openclose=”” icon=”Select Icon—“]You need to sell $150 every three months to stay active as a Scentsy consultant. This is a rolling 3 months. This is not cumulative three months. Please contact me for more details.[/xa_slide][/xa_acc]

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