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Author: Chilly Zoretic ~ Scentsy Director

Scentsy Buddy Special

I’m a little chick Yellow and soft. I was born In a hayloft. I play all day And I cheep, cheep, cheep. Then back to the barn Where I sleep, sleep, sleep. Jean Warren Eggmund, a Scentsy Buddy, has hatched! Just in time for Easter! This super cuddly chick Scentsy buddy is perfect for the Easter Basket. Eggmund’s egg bottom is removable. As with all Scentsy Buddies, you insert your choice of scent paks in the zippered compartment to add a special scent for your little buddy. Eggmund is a limited edition Scentsy Buddy and will only be here...

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2016 Fall Discontinued Scentsy Scents

It is that time again, a change of the Scentsy Catalog! Each catalog season new items are added and others are removed to make room for our new products and scents. With the change of seasons comes the spring and summer scents that will be available March 2016 to August 2016. The following scents will no longer be in the Scentsy Catalog come this Spring. If you see your favorite make sure to stock up because it might not come back in the spring! Retiring Scentsy Scents: Autumn Blaze Maple Autumn Sunrise Autumn Sunset Bergamot Bay Berries Jubilee Boho Business...

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Scentsy Fragrance ~ February 2016

Pear Blossom and Cucumber is the New Scentsy Scent of the Month for February Pear Blossom and Cucumber SCENTSY BAR It’s the blooming beauty of spring! A resplendent garden flourishing with delicate pear blossom, rain-kissed jasmine, honeydew and Meyer lemon smoothed by a splash of cucumber water. This is such a great clean scent, perfect for spring! Scentsy Scent of the Month for February: Pear Blossom and Cucumber No clue what the scent would smell like in your home? I can send you a small sample or sticker to smell and see if this is a scent you might like....

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Bring Back My Bar – Rare Scentsy Bars!

For a limited time, the month of January, you can order any of these 20 limited edition Scentsy Scents! This fall customers and consultants voted for their favorite retired Scentsy Scents. The top 20 vote earners have been brought back and now, this month, you can get yours! Which one is your favorite? How many discontinued scents will you stock up on? Have any questions? Contact Me!  The best way to stock up on these scents is the Scentsy combine and save multi-pack. Buy 5 Scentsy Bars and get one Scentsy Bar Free! Stock up now on 20 of...

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Scentsy Fragrance ~ January 2016

Cherished is the New Scentsy Scent of the Month for January CHERISHED SCENTSY BAR Love, sweet love! Luscious, enticing goji berry, passion flower, pink jasmine and guava sparkle like the moment you realized he’s the one. This is a romantic scent and perfect to share for the month of February, the month of love. Scentsy Scent of the Month for January: Cherished No clue what the scent would smell like in your home? I can send you a small sample or sticker to smell and see if this is a scent you might like. Contact me: Chilly Z Try the new...

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